Carbon Visibility have teamed up with New Zealand-based CarbonClick to offer a truly global carbon assessment and offsetting service. This strategic alliance will see the creation of a market leading platform to offer an end-to-end decarbonisation and offsetting solution for global supply chains.

Founded by serial entrepreneur and CEO David Rouse, CarbonClick empower and enable businesses and their customers to tackle climate change by making carbon offsets simple, trustworthy and cost effective.  This is a significant differentiator for Carbon Visibility, who are at the forefront of supporting organisations to calculate their carbon emissions to the standards required by the UK government.

Speaking on the partnership, Carbon Visibility CEO and Founder Neil Armstrong said: “Our joint venture with CarbonClick is a huge strategic development for Carbon Visibility.
“We now offer a true end-to-end decarbonisation and offsetting solution for our clients, with ambitions to scale this up very quickly.
“David Rouse and his team bring vast experience to the Carbon Visibility team, and we are hugely excited by the ability to embed the CarbonClick solution into our offering”.

CarbonClick CEO Dave Rouse said: “Our partnership with Carbon Visibility is helping businesses make a real difference, which is being significantly impacted by climate change.
“Together, we are providing businesses the opportunity to offset with a robust carbon offsetting program, and one that has direct benefit to the local people and environment.
“This solution also enables businesses to trace their contributions to individual climate projects, so they can see the good, and appreciate both CarbonClick’s and Carbon Visibility’s commitment to sustainability.”

The partnership’s carbon assessment and offsetting service is available immediately. For more information, visit our offsetting page, email or call 0333 772 9098.