The prominent industry-led partnership CATCH has selected Carbon Visibility to support its journey to net zero carbon.
CATCH works with the process, energy, engineering and renewables industries in Yorkshire and the Humber, supporting members, developing and delivering training and providing competency services, all of which is designed to meet the needs of major employers. Its board includes Ineos, Centrica, Engie and ABP, as well as the University of Hull, the University of Lincoln and three of the region’s four local authorities. CATCH has now partnered with Carbon Visibility to calculate its carbon output and identify positive steps to reduce it.

CATCH CEO David Talbot (pictured, right) said: “This is a pivotal moment in our journey to carbon zero and we are very excited to work with Carbon Visibility as we press ahead with this important element of our operations.
“We work with large multinationals who are increasingly viewing their partners and suppliers as contributors to their own carbon output, and we take that and our impact on the environment very seriously.
“As a prominent organisation within the UK’s energy estuary, we are delighted to be taking the next step towards carbon zero and plan to set out ambitious targets to reduce our output in partnership with Carbon Visibility.”

Carbon Visibility unlocks the power of data to enable clients to calculate their carbon output quickly and simply, using its digital platform Carbon Click. Carbon Click instantly assesses an organisation’s output based on a series of factors which are fully aligned with UK government requirements. It also generates a report which details outputs by scopes one, two and three, pulling through the output of the supply chain too.

CEO Neil Armstrong (pictured, left) said: “CATCH has been crucial to the development of a number of major industries in Yorkshire and the Humber over the past 22 years and we are delighted to count this outstanding organisation among our early clients.
“What has been especially encouraging is CATCH’s commitment to making meaningful changes which will have real benefits for the environment and we are very excited to be on this journey with them.”

CATCH was created in 1999 to support the development of the £6 billion Humber chemical and chemistry using sectors, and now boasts members and partners drawn from across the process engineering, energy, engineering and renewable sectors.
It also works with their associated supply chains, regional and national government agencies and local authorities.
CATCH operates the world renowned £12 million training facility in North East Lincolnshire that offers industry authentic training and assessment without the risks associated with processing hazardous materials.

Carbon Visibility was established in 2020 to provide a simple digital solution to the complexity of calculating carbon outputs for organisations of all sizes.
As well as offering this service through Carbon Click, it also provides consultancy services to enable businesses to identify impactful carbon reduction opportunities and marketing services which promote their good news stories.
Carbon Visibility is part of the East Yorkshire-based Visibility Associates group of companies, which is developing a range of digital platforms to enable organisations to ensure sustainable, ethical and inclusive business practices.

To find out more about Carbon Visibility, visit, email or call 0333 7729098.