Hull University Business School and Carbon Visibility have recently joined forces to work with a large local kitchen manufacturer and retailer to help them achieve a carbon baseline and make informed choices to achieve net carbon zero.
The partnership harnesses Carbon Visibility’s ability to quickly calculate and report on Scope One and Two carbon emissions and Hull University Business School’s world-class expertise in Logistics and System Thinking to measure the entire end-to-end supply chain (Scope Three).
This is helping businesses to gain greater transparency of their supply chain and achieve on pack claim (i.e. carbon footprint of a product).
The partnership is also able to tap into innovative research across the university to inset and offset carbon emissions.

Already, Carbon Visibility and Hull University Business School have enabled several major Humber employers to outsource the complexity of identifying their carbon output and are preparing to help them build business cases for multi-million-pound investments in renewable energy generation.

“This partnership is a unique proposition that enables businesses to work out their baseline carbon emissions and then make real, evidence-based decisions on the best way to reduce them,” said Carbon Visibility CEO Neil Armstrong.
“We are bringing together the best of an agile private sector technology business with a highly respected academic institution to quickly make an impact on carbon emissions, no matter the size and complexity of the organisation.
“We are looking forward to making a real difference to businesses which not only improves their green credentials but also enables them to invest in projects which very quickly result in operational savings.”

A spokesperson for Hull University Business School said: “We are delighted to be working with Carbon Visibility on this local project. This truly leverages our own unique expertise in carbon mapping, utilising our world class capabilities in logistics and systems thinking.
“Here on campus, we have made our own ambitious commitment to be carbon neutral by 2027, which sets our centenary as a target date and reaffirms our commitment to contribute towards the urgent action needed to reverse global heating and the climate crisis.
“To demonstrate our commitment, we have signed the Global Universities and Colleges Climate Letter, which is recognised as part of the United Nations Climate Change Race to Zero campaign.”

Carbon Visibility unlocks the power of data to enable clients to calculate their carbon output quickly and simply, using its online digital platform.
This platform instantly assesses an organisation’s output based on a series of factors which are fully aligned with UK government requirements.
It also generates a report which details outputs by Scopes One, Two and Three, as well as pulling through data from the supply chain.

The partnership with Hull University Business School will enable companies to take a deep dive into their operations, manufacturing processes, logistics and more.
This also includes undertaking feasibility studies on decarbonisation projects and helping to build business cases for capital spend based on hard data.

To find out more about Carbon Visibility, visit, email or call 0333 7729098.

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