Carbon credits allow you to offset your carbon outputs by investing in environmental projects which are anything from local to worldwide. They are the perfect way to reduce your net carbon output in the short to medium term while your organisation takes the time to make the often complex changes needed to reduce your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Our partnership with the leading global offsetting provider CarbonClick means you’re only supporting ethical and fully accredited projects with a genuine environmental benefit.

Why offset with CarbonClick?

Track & Trace

Fully transparent pre-purchased offsets to engage customers with a genuine impact.

Certified Accountability

B-Corp certification guarantees that our offsets are verified, accountable and transparent.


We detect client locations and present the closest offsets to encourage more meaningful offsets.

Our projects are verified by

Support projects local and global

Native Woodland Creation in Scotland

Wester Coshieville, Scotland

Creating a native woodland which fits well within the surrounding landscape, improving the ecology and biodiversity of the area.

Creating Hot Water with Solar Energy

Bangalore, India

This program delivers solar water heaters to Indian communities and businesses, helping to avoid the burning of coal and providing cheap renewable energy for poor families.

Improved Cooking Practices in Nigeria


This project manufactures and distributes efficient charcoal cookstoves that reduce carbon emissions and household spending, while improving the health of communities all over Nigeria.

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