Progress InSight

Measure your carbon

Our online carbon assessment platform enables organisations to calculate their carbon emissions and – uniquely – that of their supply chain (for Partner organisations). With no need to engage expensive consultants, Carbon Visibility offers a simple way to track your carbon output and measure your progress in reducing it.

Input your data

Answer a series of questions on your organisation, buildings, fleet, business travel, employee commuting, waste disposal and supply chain.

Save your progress at any time

Need to head over to logistics to grill them about truck movements? No problem. Hit save at any time and come back to it later.

Hit the submit button

Answered all the questions? Submit your responses and wait a few seconds…

Get your instant calculation

We’ll instantly tell you your total carbon emissions for the year in question.

Download your Carbon Reduction Plan

Two clicks later you’ll have your Carbon Reduction Plan, which meets the requirements of the UK government.


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