Project Neutral adds weight to your project bids by enabling you to offer a unique selling point that sets you apart from the crowd.

After years of talk, the world is finally waking up to carbon reduction.

Be the first to offer truly net zero projects with meaningful and authentic carbon emissions calculations and offsetting through Project Neutral, from Carbon Visibility.

The UK government now requires suppliers to calculate their carbon emissions and set out a plan for reaching net zero. Local authorities and larger corporations have started to do the same.

This is only going to grow.

Project Neutral allows you to:

  • Measure carbon emissions for the construction phase of a project, including energy use, commuting, transport & distribution, plant, waste disposal, business travel and more
  • Find areas of opportunity for reducing emissions and calculate the potential reductions of any planned actions
  • Identify lower carbon and net zero suppliers as part of your own tender process
  • Offset carbon locally or globally through accredited environmental projects

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